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Posted by: Geneva | Posted In: Sep 25, 2016

Top 5 Marketing Hacks




Sometimes you can feel like you are literally jumping up at down yelling “look at my business, look at my product!” and no one is paying any attention at all.  Sure there are expensive PR firms and advertising agencies that may be able to get your product or business in the media.  But if you are just starting out or have a limited budget that is not always an option.  Here are 5 marketing hacks that I have used to get my product and business in the mainstream media with a few real examples of the media coverage.   One of my products was even featured on a national TV show and I didn’t pay a dime for the spotlight!  (except shipping the product to a celebrity)  It can work for you too.  Check out my free download and see what you can start planning for your own business.  It’s time to get clever and make things happen!


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When I was just starting out with my first business I had no idea where to begin with getting publicity and I had little funds to pay for such a thing. In fact, it wasn’t until probably three years into my first business that I began to learn how to do things on my own and really make things happen. I remember shipping some of my sequin aprons from my company, Domestic Glitz®, out to several celebrities hoping one would write back. To my surprise not only did Kyle Richards from the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills write back and thank me, she WORE my apron on a Bravo TV special and later tweeted about it! I didn’t pay anyone to have her do this, she did this on her own after receiving her “gift” from me. Again, I did not pay a dime for this publicity, but benefited enormously! I still get emails and orders from people looking for the “gorgeous black sequin apron that Kyle Richards wore on the Real Housewives show.”

It is the best feeling in the world to make progress and see your product on TV or in the media spotlight.




I am now happy to share my secrets on how to catapult you and your business to the next level, all while avoiding spending a fortune.  Let’s face it, starting and running a business is expensive and we need all the help we can get.  I know I did and still do.  I will take any advice if it works.  And these free guides do work.


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Use these marketing hacks to get publicity for yourself, your product or your business!



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