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Geneva has been an invaluable resource for helping me get my invention created and launched. With her step by step program she has not only saved me hundreds of hours of research and work, but thousands of dollars. She's prompt, professional, efficient, and has the vision it takes to get you where you need to go. She's the best!

Ralph P. Manginello
Attorney, Inventor of the Ball Buster TM

Geneva gave me all of the tools I needed to evaluate my new business idea and run with it! I am now using her step by step program to get my idea to market. Since I began working with her she has challenged me to do things I would never have taken a chance on. I am excited for my new goals and I can’t wait to continue to find success through her programs!

Christine Haas
former Fox News anchor turned Entrepreneur/Inventor

Geneva’s programs are not only are easy to follow, but they are spot on. Everything she has told me to do worked and has saved me thousands of dollars, if not more, and countless hours. I had no idea where to start before I began her program. Now I have invented and started my own business that I had only dreamed about for years. If you are looking for a no b.s. program that works you have come to the right place.

Patrick Brogan
Technology Executive, Inventor of the Banana Cone

After trying to do everything on my own I met Geneva who helped me with her step by step programs. I was amazed at how much knowledge she had and her programs worked! I was able to source my product quickly and she gave me the direction I needed to start my business and finish my project. It saved me an enormous amount of time and money. I will be using the rest of her programs to get my product launched and in the media.

Travis Knapp
Money manager, Inventor of the Skynapper


Geneva has created several six and seven figure businesses. Her products have been seen on The Today Show, Good Morning America, The View, ExtraTv, The Real Housewives shows, and in magazines such as InStyle, Real Simple and more! Her products can be found in big box retailers such as Walmart. She has also helped clients to develop, manufacture and launch products in her consulting work for inventors and entrepreneurs.

Geneva is an official speaker for the US Patent and Trademark Office at the Independent Inventor’s Conference and she speaks at inventors clubs around the US.

She has been featured in the US Patent and Trademark newsletter called the Inventor’s Eye for her work as an entrepreneur and inventor.http://www.uspto.gov/custom-page/inventors-eye-rx-entrepreneurial-success

As an attorney, Geneva has been featured by the American Bar Association Journal for her work as an attorney turned inventor and entrepreneur.


Geneva has been featured on Fox News and local news channels as a news consultant on inventing and launching products.